You Are Entitled to Complete Medical Care

Illinois workers’ compensation law requires that every cost related to your work injury be covered by your employer and the workers’ compensation insurance company. This includes the cost of tests such as EMGs, MRIs and CT scans that need to be conducted in order to diagnose your condition. This includes the cost of surgery and physical therapy. This even includes reimbursement of the costs of traveling to doctors and other health care providers.

At Porro, Niermann & Petersen, LLC, our lawyers understand how hard insurance companies will work to avoid having to pay these costs. We have spent more than 60 years protecting the rights of injured workers in Illinois and throughout the western suburbs, so we know about all the insurance company tricks, including the new one: medical management.

You Should Not Return to Work Until You Are Truly Ready

Recently, insurance companies have created what they refer to as medical management. According to them, the goal of medical management is to help injured employees get the best possible medical care and to assist them in returning to work as quickly as possible. In reality, the goal of medical management is cost containment.

How does medical management contain costs? This is done by getting second opinions on costly surgeries, sending employees to employer’s doctors who will say that the surgery is not really necessary. This is done by pushing employees into work-hardening and functional capacity tests prematurely, doing everything possible to get the employee back to work.

You do not have to submit to medical management. Medical management is not the same as vocational rehabilitation, which is valuable and required under workers’ compensation law. Our lawyers will stand up for you against the insurance company. We know that you want to return to work, but only when you are truly healed and ready.

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