Are You Getting the Benefits You Need?

Often times insurance companies do not tell you the full scope of medical and financial benefits you are entitled to as an injured worker. Insurance companies are often looking out for their self interest, not yours. We have been representing the rights of injured workers in Illinois for more than 60 years.

Insurance companies will take every opportunity to deny your claim even if it is a legitimate work comp claim. Don’t let this keep you from getting  what you deserve. We will challenge these denials and work hard to make sure that you get the benefits you deserve.

Did You Have a Workers’ Compensation Claim Denied?

Insurance company adjusters may give you groundless or flimsy denials that have no legal basis in an effort to cut your benefits short:

  • A degenerative condition is not a legal defense when your recent accident or injury made your condition worse
  • Consideration must be made for future coverage and the need for prescription medications needs to be incorporated into the value of any settlement
  • For example, an old injury does not mean you can’t have a new claim for re-injury
  • Injuries that develop over time, often called cumulative trauma is an accident, and is considered that way just like a fall or other injury that occurs at a specific moment in time
  • Pre-existing conditions are not a defense against a claim due to a new injury
  • Shoulder and knee replacements (joint replacements) can be covered by workers compensation rights

Before you accept a denial of a workers’ compensation claim, consult with a workers’ compensation lawyer.

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