Illinois Airline Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Airline workers face job dangers every day at work. These everyday tasks can lead to work-related injuries. If you have been hurt or injured while working for an airline, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney will make certain that you receive the full benefits you deserve.

Workers’ Compensation and Labor Unions

Claims in workers’ compensation within the airline industry can be somewhat complex. Employees are entitled to benefits under both the Illinois workers’ compensation law and the terms of their union contracts. It is important to work with a knowledgeable and experienced attorney who is familiar with both the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act (IWCA) and the various union contracts at play. At Porro, Niermann & Petersen, LLC our attorneys have handled thousands of workers compensation claims for the workers of Illinois. We understand Illinois Workers’ Compensation law, union provisions and how they will both impact your workers’ compensation case.

Types of Airline Worker Injuries

Commercial airlines employ thousands of people in a wide variety of positions across the country. Due to the nature of the work related to moving and transporting heavy items and baggage, injuries sustained by airline workers are very common.

We help airline workers with these work injuries:

  • Baggage Handlers – back, knee and shoulder injuries from repetitive movement of heavy items
  • Flight Attendants – injuries from lifting heavy baggage into high overhead compartments
  • Ground Service – injuries and accidents while providing maintenance for planes and other equipment
  • Office Workers – repetitive trauma injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome from working on the computer

If you have a workers’ compensation claim involving an airline – put our knowledge and experience to work for you and your family. Dealing with the airline’s workers’ compensation insurance company can be challenging and frustrating. Contact us discuss your case. Our attorneys have a long track record of fighting for the rights of injured workers and getting maximum compensation for our clients.

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