Compensation for Victims of Elder Neglect and Abuse

Have you entrusted the care of an elderly loved one to a nursing home, only to discover that your loved one has been neglected or abused? You may have the right to pursue compensation through a claim under the Illinois Nursing Home Act. Residents of nursing homes have the right to receive proper medical care, proper nutrition, a safe environment, clean beds and just as importantly, the right to be treated with respect and dignity. The lawyers at Porro, Niermann & Petersen, LLC have decades of experience holding nursing homes in Illinois and throughout the suburbs of Chicago accountable for the mistreatment of elderly residents.

Nursing Home Residents Have Rights

Nursing Home cases differ from other personal injury cases. Nursing home residents are protected under the Illinois Nursing Home Act. Both federal and state regulations exist to ensure that nursing home residents receive proper care. In Illinois, the Department of Health inspects nursing homes and investigates reports of neglect and abuse. It is important to have a lawyer familiar with the state and federal regulations that govern nursing homes. Our lawyers are experienced nursing home litigators who know the laws that protect residents.

Signs of Nursing Home Neglect or Abuse

Your loved one may not be able to tell you that neglect or abuse has taken place. Perhaps you simply have a feeling that something is wrong. Be wary of warning signs such as unexplained injuries that may be the result of falls, improper administration of medication, failure to monitor the resident’s medical condition, failure to properly address issues with incontinence or other medical conditions. Nursing home residents should be monitored to prevent falls and the often traumatic injuries that follow. If you notice bed sores, particularly infected bed sores, it may be an indication that your loved one is not being moved properly. If your loved one has become withdrawn or weak, it could be the sign of malnutrition or dehydration, the result of nursing home staff failing to feed your loved one. We can help determine whether your loved one has been harmed by improper care.

Our Illinois lawyers know the signs of elder neglect and abuse. We encourage you to have us review your case to determine what action can be taken to protect your loved one and make certain that your loved one is protected from future harm.

The Result of Bad Business

We understand that nursing homes are businesses, but nursing homes cannot put profits before providing proper care for their patients. Nursing homes cannot put profits above providing properly qualified nurses and staff to care for their patients. Some nursing homes choose to cut costs by keeping homes understaffed or hiring poorly trained staff. When these bad business practices result in nursing home resident being harmed, we take action.

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