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What is paternity? Paternity is the state of being someone’s father. Once paternity is established – the father takes on the rights and responsibilities for the child. This includes visitation or child custody and child support. You can learn more here.

Qualified Illinois Paternity Lawyers

Porro, Niermann & Petersen, LLC has the experience and resources necessary to help a couple settle paternity issues. Declaring who is accountable for a child’s welfare can also help couples with visitation and custody disputes. There are a many reasons that paternity is important, both for the benefit of the father as a parental figure, as well as for the well being of the child. Since 1948 we have been handling complex of family law cases in Illinois. We have the competency and skill to efficiently and professionally handle matters of paternity, ensuring that the proper party is awarded parental rights.

Consultation an Illinois Paternity / Parentage Lawyer

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