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The idea of wage garnishment scares most people. They worry that employers or co-workers may find out about their finances. You have a job and are working hard to pay off or get caught up on all of your debts, but a creditor has decided he can’t wait any longer and wants to garnish your wages. If you don’t want your employer to garnish your wages, you need to contact an experienced Illinois bankruptcy attorney for help.

Wage garnishment is a process of the law in which the creditor gets a court order requiring the debtor’s employer to withhold a certain amount of the debtor’s wages until the debt is paid. Garnishment can be used to collect on any sort of debt. While the Consumer Credit Protection Act prohibits the garnishment of all of a debtor’s wages, even partial garnishment of some wages can make it hard for the debtor to pay their regular living expenses. Additionally, it can damage the employer-employee relationship. An employer is not allowed to terminate an employee for garnishment of a single debt. However, the employer is allowed to do so if garnishment is required for multiple debt obligations.

If your creditor threatens to garnish your wages, contact an experienced Illinois wage garnishment lawyer to help you. Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be an option for you.

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We understand that sometimes life can be hard. Even the most financially responsible people who have always had good credit ratings can find themselves in financial trouble.

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