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After falling behind on your mortgage payments, the foreclosure notice you have been dreading has finally come. Our attorneys help people save their homes and avoid foreclosure. Talk to one of our experienced bankruptcy attorneys immediately about your options. Our attorneys will take an objective and honest look at your financial situation and explain the options available to help you.

In many cases, if you want to keep your home but cannot immediately make the payments that you are behind – a chapter 13 bankruptcy may be your best option.

What is Foreclosure? Foreclosure is the legal action your lender uses to take possession of your home for non-payment of your mortgage loan. When you cannot make your mortgage payments on time, you are legally in default of your mortgage contract. Under the terms of that contract, the mortgage loan was secured by your home, and if you default, the lender is entitled to take possession. The law allows the lender to foreclose on any property that secures a mortgage — including a second mortgage or home equity loan. You can also lose your home to foreclosure for non-payment of your property taxes.

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We understand that bad things can happen. Even the most financially responsible people who have always had good credit  can find themselves in a position of financial trouble and need bankruptcy assistance.

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