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At Porro, Niermann & Petersen, LLC, we are dedicated to helping people reduce their debts and get a fresh financial start. If you have unsustainable levels of debt, we will take full advantage of provisions in the bankruptcy law that can help you reduce or completely eliminate credit card debts and medical bills. The resulting additional cash flow can make it much easier to cover your living expenses and payments on any remaining debts you may have. You will be able to face the future with hope once again. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and case review. It could be the first step toward a brighter financial future.

What Are Your Debt Relief Options?

In a free consultation, we can review your case and discuss your debt relief and loan discharge options.

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy — Discharges credit card debts, medical bills and personal loans.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy — Can reduce credit card debts, medical bills and personal loans.

In some cases, complete discharge of some or all of your credit card debts may be possible. We will help you create a customized plan designed to obtain maximum reduction in your debts while allowing you to keep as much property as possible.

Intentionally running up credit card debts before filing for bankruptcy can be considered fraud. Talk to us if you have any questions. We can help you explore your rights and responsibilities regarding your debts.

Aurora Medical Bill Debt Relief

We have helped many people in Illinois get debt relief through bankruptcy filings. We take every opportunity to reduce our clients’ debts to the greatest degree possible and we work hard to help you obtain maximum debt relief.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.